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7 Tips to Improve your Sleep

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

1. Establish a regular routine by:

· Going to bed at a similar time and waking at a similar time each day

· Having a similar wind-down routine before bed

· Eating roughly at the same time each day

· Try to avoid naps in the day, if you have a strong need to have one take one earlier in the day and

for a maximum of 45 minutes

2. Reserve Your Bedroom For Only Sleep (and Sex):

If possible, try to avoid doing things such as working and watching television in your bedroom. It is

important for your brain to associate your bedroom with sleep rather than being awake.

3. Food and Drink

· Avoid drinking caffeine after 3pm

· Don’t go to bed too hungry or too full

· Reduce/avoid alcohol and drugs; although alcohol can get us to sleep more quickly, our quality of

sleep is poorer

4. The Right Atmosphere

· When it is time to sleep ensure the room is quiet (wear ear plugs if necessary) and dark (use black-

out blinds and eye masks, avoid using your phone and computer close to bedtime as the light from

this can make us alert)

· Ensure the room is relatively cool

· Create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom by perhaps avoiding clutter and using aromatherapy

such as lavender

5. Be Active In The Day

· Try to be relatively active in the day to wear the brain and body out somewhat

· Exercise in the day can help you sleep at night, but don’t exercise too close to bedtime

6. Manage Racing Thoughts

· Practice a mindfulness/meditation exercise

· Challenge/question any overly ‘negative thinking’

· Remind yourself that you cannot solve any problems whilst in bed, write down your worries and

tackle them at a more appropriate time!

7. Alleviate Stress in the Day

· Be somewhat active in the day, have a balance between activities that bring a sense of achievement,

enjoyment, closeness to others and relaxation

· Avoid checking the news too frequently

· If possible, get some natural sunlight and feel connected with nature

· Attend to things that you are grateful for

· Let go of judgments and, instead, be compassionate towards yourself and others

If you would like support to help manage your sleep feel reach to out by emailing me at: or kindly complete the webform. I offer therapy in-person in St Albans/Hertfordshire and online.

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